Pilbara Vase
Pilbara Vase
Pilbara Vase

Pilbara Vase

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‘Pilbara Vase’

Inspired by one of my favourite vases housing trinkets from around the globe, including a special rock from the Pilbara desert, Australia. Earthy, peachy and Autumn tones.

Sculptural mixed media painting.

Please note this artwork does not come with the brass accents like the others in this collection. If you would like brass accents added to the work, you are welcome to purchase the piece and then use the contact page to arrange a customisation. This will incur an extra fee and require approximately a 2-3 week wait.

The artwork is ‘self-framed’, created from a mixed media base, layered and painted with natural & non-synthetic mediums. 

Dimensions: approximately 27cm tall x 20cm wide.

Artwork comes with hook attached for wall mounting.