Arch mini wall altar
Arch mini wall altar
Arch mini wall altar
Arch mini wall altar

Arch mini wall altar

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The wall altars have been thoughtfully designed with the intention of creating a niche to showcase your favourite pieces & wares, adding interest to any wall or shelf that they grace. 

Crafted here in my home studio in Australia, the altars evoke feelings of destinations oceans away, with their rustic rendered finish, creating a sense of escapism in your home sanctuary. An ode to travel when, for now, home may be the furthest some of us are able to venture. 

The arch altar is available in two sizes, this one being the mini is slightly smaller than the standard (original) wall altars, making it a perfect piece to arrange with the larger altars, or for a smaller nook. It measures approximately 22cm tall x 17cm wide x 8.5cm thick. The internal niche measures approximately 15cm high x 9.5cm wide x 8cm deep. 

The altars can either be wall mounted, or sit on a shelf, or wherever you see fit. It comes with a two part wall mounting hook designed to hold the weight of the item, plus the weight of a small/light item placed inside the niche. One part of the hook is attached to the back of the altar, the other piece will come with your item for you to attach/screw into to the wall where you decide to hang it.

Each piece is hand carved initially by an experienced masonry artist, and then completed myself with rendering in an intentionally rustic finish with a natural & non-toxic material. This has then been finished with a specialised sealant to protect the render. Your altar should still be treated with care, kept out of the weather and can be dusted and cleaned occasionally with a mild cloth.

The wall altars are made to order here in our home studio space in Australia. Numbers are limited and lead times will be approximately 4-6 weeks before your wall altar is ready to ship.

Please note the render & sealant used on the altars is not flammable, but direct contact with a flame is not recommended. The altar will warm up if a candle is burning inside the niche for some time, so please be mindful of this. A candle with a maximum height of half the height of the arch niche is recommended. Burning for an extended/long period is not recommended. Use of candles/flames in/near the niche is at the customers own risk. Please get in touch via the contact page if you have any questions. 

Please note the other two styles of altars pictured are available to purchase separately online.