My vision and inspiration draws from both my time spent working with wildlife and in nature, to my travels abroad, immersing myself in enchanting cultures and alternative ways of living. One element that remains true to each design is that it is handcrafted, with a prevailing love for organic textures and perfection in imperfect forms.

Of significant importance to me is the use of ethically sourced gems, and slow, sustainable pieces. Each piece is handmade, most are made to order, avoiding mass production and excess waste.

The latest collection, Dawn, was born as a deeper exploration of my previous collection, Origin. Originally exploring the interactive forces of the lunar body and the sea, I was intrigued to pursue this futher and also recognise the interaction the sun has within and on these two other forces of nature. As after all, if it weren’t for the light of the sun, we wouldn’t see the moon at all. 

Together, it is the interaction of the sun and moon that collectively drives the tides, concurrent with divine feminine cycles of time, something that has intrigued me for some time.

This collection embodies these interacting entities, represented with tokens and gifts left behind by the tides, driven by the sun and moon. Relics of paradise that can be worn as talismans to remind of the gift of each new dawn are represented heavily throughout. With each new day an opportunity presents itself to seek to be creative and look for the beauty within, even the mundane.  

I hope these pieces can be embodied by you, creating your own stories as the years pass, and potentially becoming future heirlooms for generations to come.